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Our team has operated Drilling rigs in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskchewan and Quebec. We have experience in oilsands, shale gas, CBM, potash, shale gas, shale oil and mineral drilling which pays off when difficult situations are encountered. We are always looking for opportunities to design, build and opperate drilling rigs.


We have designed and built over 30 drilling rigs, the latest shipped to Australia in January. All of our latest rig designs are automated and utilize the latest in drilling technology. We have built several PLC controlled units with automated pipe handling systems. The latest of which used controls out of an F-16 fighter to control the drilling operations.

We are always striving to build safer and more efficient equipment, while ensuring the rigs meet all regulatory requirements. Our team has even built a 400m drilling rig that was able to work on muskeg year round with a very small environmental footprint. At Rocking Horse the environment is very important to us and we take that into account with each unit we design. We will use biodegradable hydraulic oil as it is an environmentally friendly option, we have spill containment designs in place to ensure that no oil and very little drilling fluid hits the ground.

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