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Setting the Standard in Health, Safety and Environment
At Rocking Horse, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors and others who may be affected by our operations. Management is accountable for setting the standards and goals which provide continuous improvement in the performance of our HSE program. At no time will we, nor anyone acting on our behalf expose employees, contractors, or the community to undue risk. All employees and contractors are responsible for conducting operations within the established safe work practices. We are all accountable for our actions regarding safety and the environment and take the responsibility to understand and act in accordance with our policies.

Setting the Standard for Business Conduct
Rocking Horses values and beliefs define the way the company expects employees to conduct business. The Policies of Business Conduct clearly state the required standards of behaviour referring to specific legal and ethical requirements. A summary of the Policies of Business Conduct can be found below. Detailed policy guidance and standards can be found in our Business Policy Manual.

Information, knowledge or data that is deemed confidential to Rocking Horse should not be released without permission. Employees that have access to proprietary and confidential information must take every precaution to keep it confidential. Company information should not be used for personal gain by employees or anyone as a result of their association with the employee.

Questions and Concerns
Rocking Horses reputation is critical to the sustainability of our business success. The values, policies and guidelines brought forward in this document when followed properly will create a successful company that we can all take pride in. for this reason we must report any activities or concerns that may be illegal or contrary to company policy. Rocking Horse will not discriminate employees or contractors who provide information on this matter.


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Phone: 403-607-4331
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